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Ellsworth Kelly
The Rivers
October 25 - December 8, 2007

Ellsworth Kelly has developed a new interest—astronomy. Long-time friend Sidney Felsen purchased a telescope and presented it to the artist for his 84th birthday, celebrated at his home in Spencertown, New York. Perhaps that's what separates artists from the rest of us—a curiosity that continues to inspire, a willingness to explore, and a capacity to learn that doesn't diminish with age. Kelly's recent projects, created at Gemini G.E.L. in Los Angeles and known collectively as The Rivers, are the lithographic embodiment of this inquisitiveness. An idea that began in the 1950s was rekindled by 4 x 6" postcards and translated to 11 related but distinct works—ranging from wall sculptures to 1-color lithographs—that will be shown as the entire series for the first time at Gemini GEL at Joni Moisant Weyl.

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